The Best Thing I Ever Saw in Colonial Williamsburg

So, I'm still sick, which totally stinks, but last night I went out for beers with John Hamm, Kelloggs, and Gumby. It was then that John Hamm reminded me of the awesomeness that we had experienced a few weeks ago. I cannot believe I ever forgot to write about this story.

So, a few weeks ago, John Hamm and I went to visit Apollo in Virginia for the weekend. Many of you remember my awesome stories from that, I'm sure, but I totally forgot to tell you about the best story ever from that trip.

We decided to go out to Colonial Williamsburg one day. It was right before Sandy hit, so we were just walking around in a basically empty Williamsburg in the rain. That aspect of it was kind of lame.

We did, however, stop for pancakes at the Colonial Pancake House, and the day became totally worth it.

Not only were the pancakes amazing, but I will never forget what I saw that day, but I will forever regret that I didn't whip out my phone and take a picture fast enough.

Sitting in the booth across from us was none other than Benjamin Franklin. Cool, right?

Don't worry. It gets better.

So, he was sitting there alone, reading a book and drinking some coffee. I laughed, thinking, "How cheery!" but didn't really think much else of it.

Until he got up and left and we saw what he was reading.

John Hamm: Holy sh*t. Benjamin Franklin was totally just reading Harry Potter.


And then we all just stared through the window as we saw him walk away, Harry Potter under his arm as he followed a modern day family at kind of an awkwardly close distance...

I always knew that man was a Potter fan...

Alright, now I'm off to watch TV and drink copious amounts of tea in hopes that the devil will stop attacking my face.