My Friends are Talented and I Have to Brag About Them.

First of all, thank you for all of your kind and supportive words yesterday. You have no idea how much all of your comments and messages mean to me. The good news is that I obviously survived my night alone (Okay, fine, confession: Jackie Chan came over to watch a movie and help me move furniture and then I ended up Skyping with John Hamm, but I still call it a win.) and I think I'm actually going to do just fine. Most likely. Okay, on to the post for today.

I have awesome friends who are way more creative than I am, but for some reason they have decided to continue to hang out with me and include me in their artsy ways. Maybe it's because they know that if they do, I'll write about them. Those selfish bastards... 

One of these awesome friends is someone that I've written about before: Anderson Cooper. I guess I can tell you that his real name is Anthony, because otherwise, how the heck would he ever get credit? Otherwise you would all think that Anderson Cooper from CNN was making weird videos and we'd all be confused.

Anderson Anthony and I have been friends since middle school. I don't think a day has gone by when I haven't adored him. He's one of the most kind and giving souls on this planet. On top of that, he's an amazing actor and writer. You might remember him from the blog "Just Two Bros." which had a brief life through the month of February (BRING IT BACK, BOYS!!!!), but you may have also stumbled upon his YouTube videos. If not, you're about to, suckas.

Like I said, Anthony is a great actor. He and his friend, Lauren Ireland (who is painfully hilarious and adorable, and  I now must meet next time I'm in NYC. Sorry Lauren, you officially have no choice.), have started a little production company known as spaTULA Comedy. They describe themselves as "a writing and performing duo. Sneaky, silly, and just a little bit classy." Their whole concept is to provide small snippets of comedy through short videos. Needless to say, they are brilliant.

Their newest video, "Encyclopedias", just came out today and it's beyond fantastic. You can watch it here. It's short, funny, and just the right amount of awkward. In other words, if you like me, you'll like them. There's no doubt in my mind, people.

So yeah, that's about all I have to tell you today. My friends are awesome.

I'll be back to bragging about my awesome life tomorrow.

Enjoy your Tuesday! Eat a taco!