This is why I don't shop at real stores.

First of all, thank you to all of you who responded to my post my last week. Thank you for the comments, the text messages, the tweets, and the emails. It was awesome to receive so many messages of encouragement. Especially this one: Thanks, Mom.

I don't know if this ever happens to you, but I feel like every time I write a post or even just talk to a friend about an issue I'm having, that issue almost immediately starts to go away.

After hitting "publish" last week, things started to happen that I felt like I could blog about and I started reading posts from bloggers who seemed to be going through exactly the same thing. It's like there was something in the air. Or everyone was watching Orange is the New Black and therefore couldn't muster the emotional energy to sit down and write.

Anyway, on to blog-worthy thing #1.

This guy, who was just hanging out so nonchalantly at an antique shop that I didn't even notice him right away:IMG_3591

Now you might be asking "How the hell do you not notice a 15-foot-tall alien statue, Emelie?" and to that I say "I DON'T KNOW. MAYBE BECAUSE HE HAS ALIEN POWERS AND CAN BE INVISIBLE WHENEVER HE WANTS TO BE."

But that's just a theory.

The other logical reason is that there was so much stuff (weirdly none of it made it into this photo, so please just trust me.) outside of this antique shop that my brain was overloaded and I spent a lot of time looking down to make sure I wasn't going to trip on something and subsequently fall straight into, oh I don't know... an alien's crotch.

I think one of my favorite things about him though is that he seems to be listening to all of your problems. Look at him, with his hands folded so peacefully, and his head tilted so understandingly as if to say "Yes, I can see why you're so upset about that."

Or maybe it's a bride!

"I do!"

The possibilities are endless, you guys. ENDLESS.

P.S. I sent that alien-bride image to Boyfriend and apparently it is absolute nightmare fuel for him, so.... this can only get more fun.

P.P.S. I invite you to photoshop your own version of our new comrade here and post it in the comments section below or tag me on Instagram.