It's a Strange Form of Logic...

A conversation I had last night with Gumby: Me: Ugh... I'm so tired... I don't know if I'll make it home...

Gumby: Just go outside and get a mouthful of sand.

Me: ... ...what?

Gumby: What? There's no way you could fall asleep with a bunch of sand in your mouth. It's just impossible.

Me: That's actually a really good point...


In other news, Pixie Stick of Wandering Through Wonderland and I have been getting together a lot this year to share our stories of failed dating scenarios over brunch. Yes, mimosas are required and enjoyed thoroughly. Anyway, we got to thinking that we'd like to share a lot of these stories with you guys and to start hearing some of your own... Then the idea blossomed into starting a YouTube series where we answer any dating questions that you all may have... We're thinking of calling this show "Awkwardly Wonderful Dating Advice." What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear what you think.

Also, The Bloggess posted this link yesterday that totally blew my mind. Click below for more and remember that I love you.

Don't Kill Yourself. Your Dentist Will Miss You.