Three-Year-Olds are basically geniuses. I think that's the point here.

Hello, duckies! Sorry I disappeared last week. Sometimes it's nice to just take a vacation from the internet once in a while, you know?


Anyway, today is my nephew's third birthday and when I asked him what he wanted to do, this is the response I got:

Nephew: I want to eat pizza and cake!

Me: Good. Your priorities are so in the right place, buddy. I like the way you think.

Nephew: Yeah! Pizza and cake with Mormor and Morfar!*

Me: Oh man... Now we're talkin'! Mormor and Morfar? Pizza and cake? This sounds like the perfect celebration! What are you going to have on your pizza?

Nephew: ....... Cake!!

Me: ....... You're a friggin' genius, dude.


Also, thank you so much to those of you who watched and gave feedback on the latest Page Break video. There's a new episode up and you can check it out here!

Book lovers!! You're Needed!!!

So some of you know that in addition to this blog, I aim to entertain people on the internet via YouTube, but in a wildly different way. No, it's not porn.

It's books.

But Cole and I are looking at sort of revamping our show a little bit and we're looking for some serious feedback, so if any of you are book lovers (which I know so many of you are) we'd really, really, really appreciate hearing from you!

K thanks! I'll be back to doing real posts about how weird my life is on Monday!


Sexy as a Silk Blouse Without Any Buttons - My Review of Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Hello, Readers!! Today is the first of many things. This is my first morning in Vegas for the weekend, which is so exciting. This is the first day that I have seen the three girls I lived with in England about 2 years ago, which is enough to turn me into a little girl, screaming with glee.

But it's also the very first official Book Review - which is one of the most exciting things about today! Okay, let's be honest: I'm in Vegas. This is not the most exciting thing about today, but it is certainly up there on the list. Because I'm a book nerd and a blogger, so when I get to combine the two, I get very excited.

Okay, so this past month I randomly drew the book Storm Front by Jim Butcher out of the bowl of book suggestions from you all.


This book was a really fun read. Let me just say that right away. Was it something that scholars will be debating for centuries? No, but it was a really fun read.

The main character and narrator, Harry Dresden, is a wizard who solves paranormal crimes. As you can imagine, his business isn't thriving (because how many people take the title "Wizard" seriously anymore?) and he has a little bit of a bad-boy charm about him. He's actually on an accelerated probation with the magical community for some pretty rough deeds he's had to perform. He balances his job between the mortal world and the magical, trying to please everyone from both while solving the murder that he's a prime suspect in. In short, this guy's life is crazy.

To make the book even better, it's written in a style that pays homage to the 1940's Noir genre. Dresden is constantly making bad puns ("I needed to make sure I didn't get caught with my staff down.") and his similes are off the charts ("She was sexy as a silk shirt without any buttons"). It's the type of book where you imagine him to say "It was a dark and stormy night and I was working late on a murder case. That's when she walked in. She was soaked from head to toe, which made her clothes cling in all the right places." I imagined everything that he said was in a deep, husky voice, which made the book all the more enjoyable.

If you like stories about adventure with a little paranormal thrown in, this is definitely a recommendation. Don't go into it expecting something with great philosophical content, but go into it expecting entertainment. Pure entertainment.

One thing I learned from this book: Vampires are gross - even if they look super sexy, it's a trick. They're freaking disgusting.

And that's my review of Storm Front! Go out and read it. You'll have fun!

Now it is time to select the next book! If you want to watch the video of the selection process, click here. If you just want to cut to the chase and see what I picked, scroll down - and don't forget to start making suggestions for next month! Click here to do that!

And the winner is....