It Wouldn't Be My Life If A Simple Visit to the Vet Didn't Turn Into Something Ridiculous.

Happy Hump Day, Duckies!! Today is about my dog, Gio. You've all met him, right?

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.... Spring is coming!!!!

Anyway, so he was due for his yearly rabies shot and other vaccines to make sure he doesn't turn into some crazy beast and go Hulk on my neighborhood or something. Or so that he doesn't get sick. One of those, but I can never remember.

Anyway... We walk into the exam room for the first time in a year, and Gio immediately runs behind my legs, hiding between me and the wall.

Because he's a big, brave boy.

Me: Oh... so, I should warn you. He's really scared of getting vaccines.

Vet: Okay, that's fine. Does he get aggressive or anything?

Me: No, not at all! He just wiggles around a whole bunch, trying to escape, and then he'll howl like you're snapping his legs off instead of just pricking them with a needle.

Vet (to Gio): Haha, so we've got a drama king on our hands, do we?

Me: Big time.

Vet: Alright, well I'll bring in another vet to help out. No worries.

It took THREE vets to keep my 44-pound dog still. THREE. One vet was bear-hugging him, the other vet was clamping his paws together to keep his legs still, and the third one was supposed to give him the actual vaccinations. Meanwhile, I was sitting in front of him and just constantly telling him that it was going to be okay.

Because this wouldn't be life if a simple visit to the vet didn't turn into something ridiculous.

Anyway, Gio is looking at me with sheer panic in his eyes and I'm all "Calm down! You're fine!" and then he lets out the most blood-chilling howl I've ever heard in my entire life. People in the waiting room probably got nervous about using these doctors.

So, my dog is screaming bloody murder, and I look down at his leg and that's when I realized the most embarrassing thing about this whole situation: The vet was just applying the alcohol swab. The needle hadn't even appeared yet.

I think it's safe to say that the risk of Gio Hulking out on my neighborhood is a pretty low one. Like, if there was a risk scale from 1-10... he'd be at -7.

So, while I'm feverish and achy, my dog never left my side. He also stole and used my tempurpedic pillow for three days.


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