I Want the Animals, But I'm Not Sure About the Farm...

Okay, so I have this thing where I really, really want an array of animals. Not just dogs or cats, though... I want goats, chickens, maybe a couple of sheep, too... I'm not so hot on having a cow or a horse. I wouldn't turn down either of them, but they're not at the top of my list. Goats and chickens? Yes please!

So, the logical answer to my desires is to move to a farm and start enjoying my livestock. Eh. Who needs the whole farm? Can't I just have my tiny little cottage with a big yard and some goats and chickens and dogs running around? That's totally doable, right? Throw a little lamb in there and I'm officially the cutest house in the neighborhood.

I don't need to grow crops and crap, though, do I? And I'm definitely not planning on slaughtering those adorable creatures. No, sir. They will get old and die of natural causes... or they'll kill each other.

I mean, let's look at this logically:

  • Chickens = Delicious Eggs.
  • Goats = Delicious milk and cheese, plus this┬áhilarious stuff.
  • Lamb/Sheep = ADORABLE, plus I could use their wool for crafts! And I would only speak to them in a Scottish accent, so that's a mega win. Obviously.

So, really, my plan is full proof! And sure... I'll have a vegetable garden because that's just nice.

Okay, so maybe what this really means is that I'm going to end up with a very tiny farm... Is there a special word for that? Like a farmlet? I hope so...

Hm... Maybe I should present all of these ideas to Dragon while he's still got the sicks so that he's to hazy to say no...


Happy farming Tuesday, everyone!!