Help Me, Duckies. You're My Only Hope.

Okay, so Lisa Newlin has convinced me given me permission to audition for Blogger Idol. So now I need your help. Which post should I audition with? I've narrowed it down to these four:

Why Bachelorette Parties Should Never Happen On Mother's Day and Why My Friends are Amazing. 

And Then My Mom Gave Me "Medical" Advice.

Yes. All of This Did Actually Happen.

And My Mother Makes Her Debut... with Assless Chaps. 

Which is your favorite?? Please help!!

Thanks, duckies!

It's Time for a Giveaway! Yay!! Part II - The Voting.

Alright, "Readers"! If you didn't read yesterday (for shame, first of all), I'm doing a giveaway based on the idea of calling you guys something other than "readers" - the fun part is that you get to choose the name! Based on the comments from yesterday's post, here are my three favorites:

[polldaddy poll=7033162]

Who will win the adorable Facebook journal that Jane created?? It's up to you... :)


It's a Caption Contest, Everybody!!

Good morning, readers! I've missed you all terribly since yesterday! I had this weird idea to start a caption contest.

Here are the rules: Provide a caption for the photo provided. The winner will receive an Awkwardly Alive and Pleasantly Peculiar Button and Bumper Sticker!! Plus, I'll turn the winning photo and caption into a bit of merchandise for the store as well, which you will also receive!!

I know you want to do this. Don't even argue.

Okay, ready? Here's the photo:


Have fun!!

Also, don't forget to donate to the Indiegogo Fundraiser to keep my bookshop in business! Okay, it's not mine, but it is the place that employs me and I love it. Only 9 days left!! Help us reach our goal!!