And then Sherlock taught me that everything is a lie and I can trust no one.

Okay, so if you haven't watched all of Sherlock, you definitely shouldn't read this post. Because a) Spoilers and b) You need to think about your life and your choices. Also c) I've waited long enough now that most of you should have seen this. The point is that I finally finished the latest season of Sherlock and flipped the hell out.

A conversation I had with my best friend, who has decided to use the pseudonym "John Hamm" on this blog for her own reasons, after I watched the final episode of Sherlock:

Me: GAH!!!

Me: No. Fucking. Way.

JH: Yup.

Me: No.

JH: Yes.

Me: No.

JH: You're in denial.


JH: We all did.

Me: Don't sass me.

JH: I'm not... We're all feeling the same feels.

Me: Does anyone actually ever die in this show?!?!

JH: I have absolutely no idea.

Me: Gaahhhhhhhh

Me: I can't even handle this.

Me: *flips laptop*

JH: Yeah, the next season is gonna be a blast.

Me: They don't even start filming until next year.

Me: Everything is a lie.

JH: Sherlock broke our trust.

Me: Do you realize that if you die, I'm never going to trust that it's true?? I'll just be all "NOPE."

JH: Why am I dying in this scenario? :<