Happy Apocalypse, Everybody! And Meet Nigel!

This post doesn't really have anything to do with the apocalypse, but it's all on our minds, and in the event that we really are about to blink out of existence, I wanted to make sure I wish you all a good farewell. Yesterday, John Hamm finally saw the movie Elf! We invited our friend "Nigel" over to join us for pizza, drinks, and of course, the movie.

You haven't met Nigel yet, so allow me to introduce you:

Nigel grew up in the same town as John Hamm and I, but we didn't really know him because he was attending the fancy prep school in our town, which I will call Hogwarts. This is actually mega appropriate because Nigel once told me that he was a Prefect there and I was all "shut up, THOSE EXIST?!?!" Turns out, they do.

Anyway, Nigel and I met when we were both working at the bookshop (you can still donate here to save it, by the way!) and then he graduated from high school and now goes to school out in Minnesota. Good, now you know Nigel.

Now, back to last night:

I actually ended up buying the movie yesterday at Target because I figured that I should own it since I watch it every Christmas and since the rental places are always out of it this time of year. Totally worth it.

John Hamm loved it and I no longer need to be so concerned about our friendship. Dragon, on the other hand, still has not seen Wayne's World and that is causing a major issue in our relationship. It'd be one thing if he was all "I just never had the opportunity" - which would still be BS because who hasn't had the opportunity to see Wayne's World? - but instead he's all "I started it and thought it was dumb, so I watched something else."

Major. Points. Lost.

Part of me is considering just putting the movie on right now while he's not totally awake, but it's already almost 10AM and I've got shit to do before I go to work.

Anyway... that's all for today, readers! Hope your last day on Earth is wonderful, and I hope these next few days before Christmas bode well for you too!

P.S. It's supposed to snow 6-10 inches where I live today! I'm so happy!! What about you? Do you have snow?

Happy Friday!