Awkward Bodies, Big hearts.

The church I attend has been leading a non-violent communication workshop in response to all of the social and political tension that has been percolating/boiling over/erupting in the world lately. The workshop sadly conflicts with my work schedule, so I haven't been able to attend, but The Mr and I went through a mini-version of the workshop during our pre-marital counseling. Not that we showed signs of violent communication, mind you. I feel like calling it "non-violent" communication makes it sound like it's just teaching people how to talk without smacking each other. It's more about the ancient and near-forgotten practice of having a conversation with someone you disagree with without resorting to dickish behavior, I guess? It's kindness. That's what it is. It's just relearning how to be kind to each other even when we don't believe all of the exact same things - or even when we believe completely opposite things.



And since I'm all about that kindness and love stuff, I was really excited when the administrator at our church reached out to me and asked for a favor.

If you've been following this blog for a while, it's no secret that I adore giraffes. Afterall, we have a lot in common: we're both tall and awkward, we both have knobby knees, and we both make weird faces on a regular basis.

But recently I learned something new about my favorite animal: Giraffes have the largest heart out of all land animals.

And for that reason, the giraffe is now becoming a symbol of non-violent communication.

And I just so happen to crochet stuffed animals for a hobby (if you want one, you should check out my patreon page), and the administrator at the church knew this about me, so she put in a request.

He's certainly not perfect. He's been chewed on in some places (an inevitable fate with a puppy in the house) and patched back together (but then again, haven't we all?), and in spite of all of his frays and lopsidedness, he has a permanent smile.

And a really big heart.

So his new home will be at the church, as the official representative of non-violent communication, and apparently, whenever someone has something to say, they have to hold him when they're speaking, which I think is amazing because who could ever be angry while holding this guy? And who could ever be angry at the person holding this guy? It's basically impossible, right?

I think so. And if you disagree with me, that's okay.

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Current Obsession: A Pregnant Giraffe -- Also new project and I need your help.

Okay, so I'm totally obsessed with this pregnant giraffe, April, right now. I've discussed my love for giraffes before on this blog. We have a lot in common: we're both tall and gangly, we make goofy faces, and people are generally always happy to see us. Okay, maybe just the giraffes on that last one, but a girl can dream! I logged onto YouTube last night and usually I just head straight to my subscriptions and don't even look at the "top things that people are watching now and you should too" but then I saw a giraffe in one of the thumbnails.

It's a livestream and she's pregnant and she could give birth AT ANY MOMENT and I cannot stop watching! Last night, while Fiance was trying to fall asleep next to me, I just kept staring at the screen and whispering things to him like "Oh my god, Fiance, you can see the baby moving around in her belly!" or "Oh my god, Fiance, look!!! She's eating." ... "Fiance, I can't stop watching, SHE COULD BE IN LABOR ANY MINUTE NOW!"

It's possible that last one was more of a shout. I'm pretty sure Fiance finds my voice to be a soothing lullaby, so he probably loved it.

Eventually I did fall asleep and when I woke up in a panic that I had missed the birth, it turns out that April was still just standing around being pregnant. That's when I noticed that the video started streaming on February 24th, so... this could be a while. But in the meantime you can read terrifying statistics about giraffe births like this one: A baby giraffe is approximately 150 pounds and six feet tall when it is born. That is literally the size of me. THAT BABY IS ME-SIZED.

Anyway, all of this long-winded rambling is leading up to this: I've been thinking about doing a thing and it has to do with giraffes. Giraffes were just recently classified as a threatened species. There are less than 100,000 of them left in Africa, and that number has dropped by 40% in the past two decades alone. And I want to help. And I want you to help. Because have you ever been sad when you see a giraffe? No.

So, this brings me to my next point: I crochet a lot and I've been working on making crocheted giraffes and I want you to have them. I'll have photos soon, but I want to get the ball rolling here. Here's how it works: If you make a donation to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and send me a screenshot proving that you've done so, I will send you a crocheted giraffe.

Because there is about to be a new giraffe baby in our world, and he or she needs friends, you guys. So what do you say? Are you with me? I don't care how much you donate. Just do what you can. And maybe spread the word and share this post, too?

Thanks, loves.