Did I Not Mention That I'm a Total Nerd?

What? My love of Harry Potter and Battlestar Galactica didn't give me away? I know, I know, I keep my weird nerdiness so well hidden, what with all of my suave sex appeal and sophisticated musings that you all come here for, but I must finally let you all in on the truth: I'm kind of a nerd.

Don't worry, it's not like I went to see The Hobbit last night at midnight with a group of friends, all of us in costume or anything.

Oh wait. That's exactly what happened... Well, to be fair, John Hamm and Dragon did not dress up in costumes, but Jane, her sister, and I totally did.

Jane and her sister definitely won the costume contest, which I'm pissed that I'm lacking photos of. They didn't start getting dressed until we needed to leave, so we basically just had to shoot out the door, drive mega fast, get tickets ripped at the check-in, and then find seats. Pictures did not happen as they should have and I am unhappy.

I do, however, have these amazing gems that John Hamm managed to snap of me while we were waiting for Jane and her sister to be ready:



In the end, I opted out of wearing either beard because I kept choking on the fake hair and it was grossing me out, but I did get to wear Jane's homemade awesome cloak. Not like some costume bullshit that you buy at a halloween shop - this thing was legit. Like 10-foot-diameter legit. I felt awesome. Until I had to squeeze past people in the theater to sit down. Then I felt stuck on their shoes.

So yeah. Now I'm mega-tired, but it was so worth it. My butt went totally numb from sitting in those seats for that long, but I never complained once, especially since Jane's cloak was enveloping me like a cocoon and I was warm and snuggly during the whole movie.

Now I have to go load my body up with caffeine before going to work for 12 hours! Thank goodness I started a thing at the bookshop known as "Free Coffee Friday" - otherwise, I would probably end up fired today. Or in jail. It's a slippery slope.

Happy Friday, everyone!