John Hamm and I Drive 8 Hours Through Frankenstorm

Was it the wisest choice? Probably not. Did we do it anyway? Absolutely.

On Monday, John Hamm and I left Virginia at 9AM in attempts to "beat the storm" that was already upon us. Apollo did not appreciate the text I sent an hour later that read "And that's how John Hamm and I drove the car up a tree," but then I told him when he called in a panic that it was just a test and that he passed, and the next time I sent anything like that, it would totally be for real. He still wasn't happy.

I'll tell all of you right now that we both made it home totally fine and without any stormy delays. Come to think of it, we never even saw an accident in the eight hours we were on the road, and that's pretty impressive.

To be very honest there were only a few frighteningly windy moments where John Hamm and I started to wonder if we should find a hotel for the night, but in less than a minute, those winds would settle and we would feel okay again. Otherwise, it was more like driving through a rainstorm than a hurricane. A really crazy rainstorm...

So, we kept our spirits up with some music.

If you ever find yourself driving for hours on end through a hurricane, here are some samples to download/add to your playlist/sing along to at the top of your lungs while you pray that no one else on the road can see you because they should really be watching the road anyway:

Roll Out by Ludacris

Business Time by Flight of the Conchords

My Way by Frank Sinatra - this is best listened to while the passenger theatrically lip-syncs the entire song. Just speaking from experience here, people. 

Hiphopper by Thomas Rusiak

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend

Help by The Beatles

Closer by Kings of Leon

Umbrella (Covered by All Time Low!)

Feel Good, Inc. by Gorillaz

I Want to Hold Your Hand by The Beatles 

I'm Singing In the Rain by Frank Sinatra

White Sky by Vampire Weekend

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerus by Flight of the Conchords (if you can learn all the words and rap this back and forth like John Hamm and I do, mad props.)

So yeah, now you know what we listen to, and how weird we are (especially on long road trips through hurricanes..)

We also discovered that in spite of my loathing of Bugles, I will eat an entire bag on my own if I'm feeling snacky. John Hamm would hear this every hour: "*crunch, crunch, crunch* I hate Bugles..." As she would look at me in amazement and scream "YOU'RE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF!"

Side note: Apollo did not know what the heck I meant by "snacky" - am I the only one using that term??

Also, whoever decided to not sell Goldfish across all rest stops and gas stations between Ohio and Virginia needs a swift kick in the tail. I'm just saying.