Ice Skating

Greetings, readers! I really feel like I should come up with a new nickname for you all. "Readers" is so plane jane, so ordinary, so blah. If you have any ideas, send them my way. (I really like audience participation.) Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right. I hadn't really started yet...

If you recall, Dragon, Jane, and I went ice skating last week. It was marvelous. Especially since Dragon bought me ice skates for Christmas way back in 2011, and I still hadn't used them. It was time.

I promised you photos, and by now you're probably experiencing some heavy trust issues since I have yet to supply any photos, right? I know, I would be feeling the same way.

But you can trust me, <insert creative nickname for you all here>! I promise! Here are some the photographic highlights of our ice skating adventure:










So there you have it, people, that was my ice skating trip! I really hope to go again soon, because ice skating is one of the most amazing parts of wintertime. It needs to be way more frequent in everyone's life. Except for maybe the person who spilled all their blood everywhere. They should probably take a break for a while.