It's Like Having New Neighbors... Who Serve Me Wine When I Pay Them To.

So... a wine bar opened up literally right up the street from my house. As in, I can walk there in under 2 minutes. In other words, my life just got so much better while having the potential to become really very sad. I'm choosing to go with the former, because I'm a major How I Met Your Mother fan and they seemed to get along just fine by living above a bar, and that's just sound logic, Duckies.

Anyway... a few of us gathered at said wine bar last night, and I basked in the glory of the fact that I'd have to do zero driving (which meant that I could do a lot of refilling), while catching up on my friends' lives.

At one point, Topanga (who is a nurse in the ER) admitted to believing as a child that everyone died in the same position: laying down with their arms crossed peacefully over their chest.

Gumby: You never thought about people who died in car crashes?

Topanga: I don't know! I was four! I just figured that when you thought you were about to die, you assumed the position. This was quickly proven false, though, because my one friend was all "But Jesus died like this."

And then Topanga stood there with her arms out crucifixion style.

Because this is how we behave in classy wine bars.

This got me thinking, though, about all the weird shit that we believed as kids. I mean, never mind the fact that I was seriously disappointed when I turned twelve and had never received my letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but when I was a kid, I legitimately believed that my mom knew how to change traffic lights, because she would pretend to cast some spell with her hands, when all that she was really doing was paying attention to all the other lights. Like a logical person.

Actually, now that I'm writing all of this out, I think there's a great possibility that I just wanted to be a witch and I was looking for any proof I could find to back me up.

What about you? What weird stuff did you believe as a kid?


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Have a happy Wednesday, duckies!