I'm Back from Sad Land!

Hello, readers! Today I woke up feeling much more optimistic about life than I was yesterday. I don't know what that was all about, but I listened to Mumford & Sons and got the sad out of my system, thank Goodness! I don't have depression or anything, so no one needs to worry. I was just having one of those days where you wake up a little bluer than usual. In my case, it's likely that nobody noticed, because I'm told that I'm overly happy a lot of the time, so I most likely just seemed normal, but that is neither here nor there.

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm really cutting it close with some of these gifts. I wish I could tell you what I bought everyone, but some of those people actually read this blog (or at least they claim to), so that would be a horrible ruin to the surprises! I will say, though, that I am pretty damn proud of myself for some of them.

Today is my Get Shit Done Day. Today Dragon and I need to buy my dad's christmas present before I leave to pick him up from the airport (which means that my car also needs to become spotless), I need to clean my apartment, I need to go to work, and then afterwards I have people coming over to watch Elf because John Hamm has never seen it (SINFUL!). Oh - and I need to obtain the movie Elf. Here is the list of what needs to happen before I go to work today:

9:30AM - Have blog post typed and finished, pray that it's actually worth reading.

9:45AM - You better be cleaning SOMETHING. Dishes, car, apartment, SOMETHING.

10:00AM - Go get Dragon and find Dad's christmas present - obtain Elf somehow?

10:30AM - Come back and keep cleaning stuff!


11:45AM - Leave for the airport, pray that your car is clean enough for your father's standards.

12:30PM - Obtain Father.


2:30PM - Shower and get ready for work. Don't worry about blow-drying your hair, just go for the natural look. Make-up? Do it when you get there and use the bathroom!! It's a dark restaurant, no one will really notice you anyway...

2:45PM - Do any last minute cleaning. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

3:00PM - Leave for work.

Also, if I can find time to finish any knitting that I need to do this week somehow today, that would be amazing.

The awesome part about this is that Gio gets to play outside all day today, so he'll be super happy and super tired. Okay, fine, just super happy and his normal amount of energy.

Well, I'm sure you all really loved reading my schedule for the day. Sorry for the non-thought-provoking post - I know that's what you were here for. I'll be back with all of my wisdom and glory tomorrow, my friends!

Happy Thursday and I hope Christmas shopping is going swimmingly for the rest of you!