The Little Bookshop that CAN!

Okay, everyone, so it's officially time for me to ask for your help. I work in a small independent bookshop, The Learned Owl,  in Northeast Ohio.


This little shop has been around for over 40 years, and I absolutely adore it. I've worked there for five years, and honestly all I've ever wanted to do with my life is write and work in or own a little bookshop. So... my dreams area already kind of a reality!

Here's the thing: The store is up for sale. Now, the owner doesn't want it to close! Heavens, no! She's just owned it for over 30 years and she's ready to take a very long nap. Who wouldn't be? The great thing about this shop is that it has survived so much already: I mean, how many of you have a small indie bookshop in your neighborhood? If you do, you're really lucky. We made it through the ebook battle (everyone should have a Kobo or the Kobo App for your tablet! It supports indies!!) and we're still going strong. Borders closed and left us with some more customers who valued the environment of shopping at a physical store, and now we're still around and loving our quaint little life. Plus, we have Ruby the Bookshop Dog:


We are not ready to close, and we're not ready to give up. We're a blessed store with a community of people who love us and want to keep us around.

Meet Kate:

Not the caterpillar. She's the one hiding behind it.

This badass woman is our manager/events coordinator. For now. She's ready to step into the big shoes and run this place, God bless her. This lady has been managing bookshops for something like over ten years now and she's so perfect for this job and this store. She just doesn't have the money.

This is where you come in.

Kate started an indiegogo fundraiser, and we really need your help. She's trying to raise $50,000 over the next 43 days. That $50,000 will go towards her deposit for a business loan so that she can buy The Learned Owl and keep it running.

If you'd like to donate, we'd love it. Everyone has that bookshop that they loved when they were little. Please let us continue to be that place for others! Even if you just donate a dollar, we'll love you forever!!

Also, if this doesn't work and we don't reach our goal, you get your money back! No harm done. So either you help and feel awesome, or you don't lose a dime and you can still feel great about the fact that you tried!

You can also follow Kate's (and the store's) journey on the blog that she started if you want to get to know her a little better (and yes, you do want to get to know her better) This woman is my hero:

The Owl's Next Chapter Blog

So what do you all say? Donate?

Thanks so much for all your support (both here and with this cause!)