Just keep loving.

The news this weekend was difficult. I had a particularly hard time finding my sense of optimism on Saturday, but then I saw this tweet from The Bloggess, a woman who almost never fails to make me smile, and I felt the light in my heart get a bit brighter:  

And she's right. It seems that the jerks are the loudest in the room right now. But I want the change that. So, taking more notes from the fabulous Bloggess, I'm going to make a point today and for as long as I can to be Furiously Happy. To be Deafeningly Loving. To be Overwhelmingly Optimistic.

Because I refuse to let hate win. In fact, I refuse to let it think it even has a fighting chance.

Because just wait until you see what Love can do.

In other news, here is yesterday's #SundaySupdate video! The video got really laggy at some points and I'm not sure why, but the audio seemed to be doing just fine for the whole thing, so... hopefully all issues will be cleared next week. Enjoy!


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I love you.

fullsizerender I let myself be sad and angry yesterday. I let myself cry at work and sink into a deep depression. I let myself sigh heavily and shuffle about in a daze. And I let myself get scared.

I gave myself one day.

But I'm not giving into that.

I have grown up believing that good conquers evil and that Love conquers all things, and it's easy to lose hope in that sometimes and to believe that everything is terrible and that I should start hating and stop loving some people, but that's how things get broken. And that's how things stay broken.

Nothing was ever fixed with hatred. Things are fixed through love and understanding, and it's usually not easy to love when things are badly broken.

But today, I want you know that I love you. If you're feeling scared and alone, I love you. If you, like me, are worried about your rights and the rights of those you care about, I love you. Even if you voted for him, I love you.

Today I'm committing myself to loving more fiercely than ever before. I will smile in the face of anger and I am going to live a more intentionally loving and kind life.

This means having tougher, but kinder conversations. This means trying to gain understanding instead of shouting about how right I am. This means admitting that I'm wrong sometimes. This means choosing to not pick a side until I've done more research and it means knowing an accepting that not every person on each side is the same. This means standing up for what I believe in, not matter the cost.

Yesterday I was scared and I was sad and I was angry.

Today and tomorrow and every day after that, I'm choosing love instead.