Awkwardly Awesome People to Be Aware of #2: Kelsey

So remember back in December when I was all "check out these guys who are saving the world by climbing mountains!" Well, now I've got another person to introduce you to: Meet Kelsey:


Kelsey and I met while we were both studying abroad for a year in England.  I was on my way home from the pub at like... 2 in the afternoon and she had just gotten to our flat where we would be roommates. Due to the fact that I was a little buzzed and trying to cover that up, she thought I was a stoner. I thought she was a ditzy party girl.

What I'm trying to say is that first impressions are often wrong. I'm not a stoner (I just like day drinking) and Kelsey, it turns out, it's the most badass person I know.


Well, folks, not only is she not ditzy  (in fact, she's super smart), but she's also decided to just like... save the world or whatever. We got back from the UK, graduated college, and while the rest of us were looking for jobs or getting engaged, Kelsey was all "I'm gonna go to Madagascar for a few years with the Peace Corps. and live in a hut while I teach little kids and mothers about water sanitation and what not! You guys have fun with your stuff!"

Right??? She's awesome. She's not even Awkwardly Awesome. She's just plain awesome.

In fact, she's so amazing that she's taken on this crazy huge project of getting decent latrines built in her village so that the residents have somewhere sanitary to go to the bathroom. Currently, the people in her village are without latrines because the river that they bathe and drink from has washed away the ones they had before. So.. Kelsey is building stronger ones. Because she's awesome. (How many times have I said that?)

Here's the even cooler thing, though! YOU get to be amazing, too! Kelsey, as you can imagine, can't really do all of this completely on her own. She needs help, and that's where those of us who are super lazy and sit on our couches all day get to take some action. I know that the Doctor Who coffee mug you're looking at on is SO COOL, but if it's between getting that this week or helping someone not poop in the river that they bathe and drink from, I'm begging you to go with the latter. I mean, I want the mug, too, but it'll be there next week.

If I've convinced you or if you want to read more about this from Kelsey herself, click here.

Have a wonderful day, Duckies!

Because Relationships Need Excitement. Even in Madagascar.

So, my good friend "Jen" is in the Peace Corps and is stationed in Madagascar right now. It's true: I'm not doing anything with my life.

Anyway, we have this awesome app that lets us use a wifi signal to call/text each other, which is insane... because she's in Madagascar and we shouldn't be able to do that (plus, do that have wifi over there? I'm ignorant.)

Not the point. Jen was texting me about her awesome life of teaching people about water sanitation and stuff, when she informed me that she was seeing someone who was also stationed down there.

Me: What?!? Tell me everything!

Jen: He's amazing, but currently working 12 hours away from me, so that's a bummer.

Me: How often do you get to see each other?

Jen: Haha, funny question. So I met him a then we had a week together. Then he went to the moust southern part of the country and is working with an organization down there for a month and then he's being relocated to... well, we don't know where yet because there was literally an axe murderer in his old town so he may be moving close to me soon, but we won't find out until Monday!

Me: Weirdest. Love story. Ever.

So yeah... apparently that's a thing that's totally normal in Madagascar, which was not included in the documentary I saw with all those adorable animated animals voiced by Chris Rock.

So... I feel misled.