My Brain is a Strange Series of Events...And I Obviously Don't Know What Rambo Is.

Okay, so last night I had a really funny conversation with Dragon and today I cannot for the life of me remember what it was! It's driving me nuts because I remember thinking at the time "this is so what I'm blogging about tomorrow" and then I woke up and was all "I HAVE AMNESIA!" So, I've been trying to remember all of the conversations that we had last night... So I've decided to just start writing them out here until I remember which one I was wanting to blog about...

Me: Can we watch something?

Dragon: Let's watch Rambo.

Me: I want to watch something funny...

Dragon: Rambo is funny!

Me: Rambo is not a comedy, Dragon.

Dragon: Emelie, you've never seen Rambo. How would you know?

Me: I know the story of Rambo. I don't want to watch Rambo.

Dragon: What's the story?

Me: Rambo is the underdog! Rambo starts to train! There's a major montage of him training! He wins!!! And the whole time, you can't understand what he says.

Dragon: ...

Me: Am I wrong?

Dragon: We should watch Rambo...

Me: I've clearly already seen it.

So then we started watching SNL. I win.


GREAT NEWS! I REMEMBER!!!! I knew this would work!!

Me: Ugh. My stomach hurts.

Dragon: Why?

Me: I ate too much today. I had a giant salad and then we went to Taco Tuesday and my mind was bigger than my stomach, and now it hurts...

Dragon: Hm..

Me: ... I need a snack...

Dragon: You're kidding me, right?

See guys... Writing is good for the mind...