Awkward Bodies, Big hearts.

The church I attend has been leading a non-violent communication workshop in response to all of the social and political tension that has been percolating/boiling over/erupting in the world lately. The workshop sadly conflicts with my work schedule, so I haven't been able to attend, but The Mr and I went through a mini-version of the workshop during our pre-marital counseling. Not that we showed signs of violent communication, mind you. I feel like calling it "non-violent" communication makes it sound like it's just teaching people how to talk without smacking each other. It's more about the ancient and near-forgotten practice of having a conversation with someone you disagree with without resorting to dickish behavior, I guess? It's kindness. That's what it is. It's just relearning how to be kind to each other even when we don't believe all of the exact same things - or even when we believe completely opposite things.



And since I'm all about that kindness and love stuff, I was really excited when the administrator at our church reached out to me and asked for a favor.

If you've been following this blog for a while, it's no secret that I adore giraffes. Afterall, we have a lot in common: we're both tall and awkward, we both have knobby knees, and we both make weird faces on a regular basis.

But recently I learned something new about my favorite animal: Giraffes have the largest heart out of all land animals.

And for that reason, the giraffe is now becoming a symbol of non-violent communication.

And I just so happen to crochet stuffed animals for a hobby (if you want one, you should check out my patreon page), and the administrator at the church knew this about me, so she put in a request.

He's certainly not perfect. He's been chewed on in some places (an inevitable fate with a puppy in the house) and patched back together (but then again, haven't we all?), and in spite of all of his frays and lopsidedness, he has a permanent smile.

And a really big heart.

So his new home will be at the church, as the official representative of non-violent communication, and apparently, whenever someone has something to say, they have to hold him when they're speaking, which I think is amazing because who could ever be angry while holding this guy? And who could ever be angry at the person holding this guy? It's basically impossible, right?

I think so. And if you disagree with me, that's okay.

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