Honeys, I'm Hooooome!

Hello, all my wonderful Duckies!! I am so sorry that I went AWOL for the past two weeks. My best friend, John Hamm, moved away to Boston for Law School this past weekend, so the entire week leading up to that was... well, emotional, to say the least.

But now she's there, and I'm facing the fact that life has to become normal again, which is totally lame, except for the part that means I get to return to the blogosphere and catch up with all you crazy kids. That part is the awesome part.

So what's been new in this world?

Who's gotten married? Are any of you pregnant? When did Lisa and Janet become best friends? When I left this place, they  hated each other! Man... it's like a totally different house, now... And who painted the bathroom? I love it!

Anyway, so yeah. I'll be back tomorrow with some actual humor, but for now, I just wanted to say hello. Now, please let me go up to my blogging-room and unpack my blogging-suitcase.

Also, is there any blogging-coffee in this place?