No one knows what's going on up there at night, you guys. Not even me.

So I've been having really bizarre dreams again lately, which is always a strange combination of exciting and terrifying because when the weird dreams happen, it usually causes me and those around me to wonder what the frakĀ is actually wrong with my brain and if I should start seeing a professional sometime soon about all of this, but in the meantime, I think I'm just going to turn to all of you guys here on the Internet because I respect your opinions enough to last me a while longer, I think. Anyway, so my brother and I were playing volleyball, but instead of using a standard volleyball, we were using a beach ball. He and I were on the same team and we were playing against a team of two robots. These robots were not "Ex Machina" robots, but more like primitive versions of R2D2 types of robots. Very non-flashy and very able to pop beach balls, which was a huge concern of mine. Maybe if they popped it, we would lose? Or the game would have to end and they would kill us? I'm not sure, but I remember feeling like the stakes were high. Either way, my brother and I both dove for the ball and one point and the robots failed to respond in time, so we won, causing them to break down in a smokey and mechanical sounding death. My brother and I high-fived.

Then my brother took Boyfriend and me aside and started giving us life advice. None of it was making any sense so he finally said "Look: Life is like Noah's Arc, right? I just don't want to see you sink the ship," and then he walked away.

When I told my brother about this in real life, he said, "Hey, that sounds like good advice."

"Sure," I said, "but I think the more important takeaway here is that we can defeat robots."