The Great Gio Escape of 2013

Hello Readers! Why do I feel like it's been ages? Oh, because it's been days. It's crazy how writing six days a week makes missing just one of those days feel like weeks of absence. I'm back, though!

So, on Saturday, I tweeted that it was going to be a late post for the blog that day, and that you would all find out why. And then I never posted anything. Sorry if anyone thought I was dead. Then again, none of you really seemed that concerned... so thanks. Thanks a lot.

Alright. Let's just call it even.

And let me explain what happened on Saturday.

So, it was like 60 degrees - very unusual for Northeast Ohio in January. Because of this rare spurt of warmth, I decided to let Gio play in the yard while I did the dishes with the door wide open. That way, he could come in and out as he pleased, and I could get some fresh air going through the place. The plan was infallible. Or so I thought.

Gio did come in to eat his breakfast, and I didn't close the door behind him because I figured he would be running out to play again.

Before I go on too much further, I should explain my living situation to those of you who don't know it. I live in walled-off portion of my landlords' (a really sweet couple I know from church who have an adorable one-year-old daughter) house. They basically took their master bedroom and sun-room on the first floor and turned it into my apartment. My front door would be considered the back door of their house. It's pretty great. The back yard (which is kind of my front yard, I suppose?) is fenced in, with a gate that closes across the driveway. This way, Gio can play in the backyard and I don't have to worry about him running away. Sometimes.

Saturday is my landlord's day off, so I wasn't expecting him to need to go anywhere. However, I probably shouldn't ever rule out errands or grocery shopping. Just because it's someone's day off doesn't mean they never leave the house, Emelie, gosh!

So, Gio comes inside to eat his breakfast and I'm washing the dishes, la la la, and the door is wide open... That's when the dog and I both heard the unmistakeable sound of a car leaving the driveway. I tried to beat him to the door, but Gio was outside faster than you could ever imagine. He knew this was his chance.

So, I too, shot out of the door, leash in hand.

Now is probably a good time to mention that I was in pajamas (Nintendo pajama bottoms) and flats. It's also probably a good time to mention that while it was warm, it had been snowy for the past few weeks, so the ground was far from dry.

My landlord and I chased my dog all over the neighborhood. I live fairly close to a busy street, so while the main goal was to catch Gio, the other goal was to get him to not reach that road. He did, however, discover the very swampy field behind all the houses in my neighborhood. That was awesome.

There was also one point where I was in someone's backyard, and this guy poked his head out of his door and hollered at me in a weirdly hillbilly-esque voice (very unusual around these parts): YOU LOSE YOUR DOG?

Me: Yeah!

Hillbilly Man: Wus he look like?

Me: He's a husky!

Hillbilly Man: Han't seen 'im!

Me: Yeah, he's somewhere around here...

And then the man shut his door and went inside...

After half an hour of zig-zagging our way across multiple yards and streets, a little girl finally let her own dog outside to go to the bathroom. While Gio was very intent on playing chase some more, he couldn't resist this opportunity to greet a fellow K-9. While they sniffed away at each other, I finally managed to gently grab his color and clip his leash on. I then took my muddy dog home and hosed him off in the driveway - which he begrudgingly took. He sat there with his ears pinned back and tail down, but I swear he was looking at me in this way that said "I know I totally deserve this. It was worth it, but I am sorry, Mom." I just glared back. Then I took him inside and laid towels down EVERYWHERE and went to take a shower.

So, why didn't I write after that, you ask? Well, I totally would have, except that I had five minutes to get dressed after I showered because Jackie Chan was coming over to teach me how to do my own make-up. Apparently my mascara and lipstick thing wasn't cutting it. Oh well. That's a post for another day.

I guess, after all of that, what I'm trying to say is, please forgive me for missing a day of posting.

Happy Monday, everybody!