What's Worse: That People Googled This Stuff or That It Brought Them Here?

Happy Friday, readers!! (I really wish we could figure out a new name for you guys..."readers" is just so dull and generic...) Anyway, Spring is finally in the air and I cannot wait to go outside!!

So today, I am going to steal a thing from some of my other blog friends and show you the funniest google searches that have led unsuspecting people to my blog. This is mainly because I can't think of anything to write today and because when I was working on my blog at the bar yesterday (don't judge), my friends and I decided to check these out and we couldn't stop laughing. So, without further ado, here they are...

  • Sweden Perverse
  • Is Anderson Cooper Swedish?
  • Does Anderson Cooper drink wine?
  • Why is December 2012 a peculiar month?
  • Dear awkwardly public diary
  • Someone broke into my house
  • Assless chaps embarrassing
  • Cemetery snow zombies
  • Jon Hamm cookie cutter
  • oh yes oh yes oh my gosh in reason it saying and doing the gio yeah gosh
  • My dog is a zombie
  • John Hamm's package

So... Which one is your favorite?