Happy Birthday, Jane!!

Today is my good friend's birthday. Jane is quite possibly the most loving, unique, creative, and imaginative person I've ever met in my life. I met her in high school, but we didn't really become close until just about a year ago. She has sat with me while I've cried, she has made me laugh more than I thought possible, and she's one of those people that you can call at any time and say "Dude. Blanket fort. Now." and she'd respond in one of two ways:

  2. "GAH! I so wish I could but I'm taking my students hiking to look for imaginary creatures. Any chance you'd want to dress up as one?" (the answer was "yes.")

If you don't believe me, I can at least prove most of those things with these photos of her things, which I think you should buy from her etsy shop, because her stuff is awesome and it's her birthday.

So yeah, please go check out her stuff - and maybe buy some of it, too! There's way more than what's on here and it's all super amazing!

Happy birthday, Jane!!





All Ye Who Read This Shall Laugh and Shop! (Hopefully)

A texting conversation between me and Kelloggs: Me: Shall we feast upon tacos and mead this eve?

Kelloggs: Aye, but I may arrive late and depart early.

Me: Aye. I have heard that the recovery from lame-o-nitis is a slow one, but I'm glad to see you feeling well enough to come out at all, good sir!

Kelloggs: If it not be for the felines of Lady S, I shant be ever so lame!

Me: Curses be upon that wretched wench who bequeathed you with as foul a disease as this!


Me: That should be a "get well soon" card.

And so, ladies and gentleman, it became one that you can buy now!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you're all feeling well! :)