What Do You Mean My Life Isn't a Sit-Com?

So, I might have a problem... As many of you know, my best friend, John Hamm, has moved away to Boston (excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out in to a glass of wine at 10:00 a.m.).

Obviously, we still talk on the phone all the time, because that's what besties do.

So, yesterday, she was talking to me about meeting up with a new prospective roommate out there, because sad as it may be, John Hamm is currently a homeless law school student (don't worry, she has a friend with a couch for the time being).

Me: So when are you meeting this dude?

JH: I think in about an hour.

Me: I hope he's not a creepy rapist...

JH: Yeah, me too.

Me: Best case scenario, he'll be gay.

JH: Haha, I guess?

Me: Well, then there's absolutely no risk of him being a creepy rapist to you! Plus, everyone knows that a sassy gay roommate is the best thing a girl just starting law school can ask for. You guys will be like the new Will & Grace, except YOU'LL be the lawyer and HE'LL be the gay one.

JH: And we're not in a sit-com.

Me: ...what are you talking about? We've always led sit-com lives. You're the Ellie to my Jules in Cougartown. You're the Jordan to my Elliot in Scrubs. You're the Cece to my Jess in New Girl. The only one we've never really been able to nail down is our "Friends" personas.

JH: No, Emelie... that's the only one YOU'VE never been able to nail down. YOU'VE been living in a sit-com your whole life.

Me: ...It's like I don't even know you anymore. This is just like that time when Joey started acting all womanly and weirding Chandler out...

JH: ::sigh:: ... Yeah. Just like that.