Don't Panic. I'm Still Alive and Now I'm Way Cooler Than I Was Before.

Hi Duckies!! Sorry for not posting on Monday. I ended up taking a much-needed personal day away from my computer and out on the town green with my friends and a slackline. It was fantastic.

It turns out that when you go to Chicago to help take care of your niece, your siblings thank you by mailing you a slackline, which means that you get to gather your friends together and do stuff like this:



The people of Suburbia were confused at first, but most of them were entertained. And yes, we did put tree-wear on the trees so that we didn't hurt them, because we're good circus-freak-hippie-types.

Anyway, so that was how I spent my Monday. Now I'm sore, but I feel like a total winner, so that's the upside.

I'll be back on Friday with a real post!