It's the simple things, you guys. The really, really simple things.

Me: Hehehehehe Co-worker: ....what was that noise?

Me: Hehehehehehe...

Co-worker: Emelie, are you laughing?

Me: Hehehe... yes. Hehehe..

Co-worker: What are you laughing at?

Me: Hehe. Just come look.

Co-worker walks over where I show him this book:

Co-worker: ...Seriously?

Me: Look at it!

Co-worker: I am. Why do the weirdest things make you laugh?

Me: What are you talking about? That's hilarious!!

Co-worker: Emelie, it's a duck and a goose at the beach.

Me: Yeah, but look at the duck's face! And the goose is all "Shwoop!"

Co-worker: ...please stop drinking so much coffee.


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