Rules for Life: Sometimes I'm a Copy-Cat, but That's Okay.

So, if you're any sort of intelligent, you read The Bloggess, Stories About My Underpants, and Lauren Filing Jointly. The Bloggess recently posted a "Rules for Life" blog post, and then Lauren did the same thing... and then Stories About My Underpants followed suit...

I want to be a cool kid, too! And I'm pretty damn wise... right? I mean, my life advice is what you come here for. Okay, so maybe you're here for more of a "how NOT to live your life" kind of tutorial, and I can't blame you. Either way, here are my very own Rules for Life:

  • Don't be a dick. Just all around. Nobody enjoys that.
  • This one is actually John Hamm's, but she gave me permission to use it since it's become a staple in our lives: Don't come into my house and shit on my carpet. This is meant both literally and figuratively. Essentially, just don't enter someone's life and then start messing stuff up. It's rude.
  • There is literally a Beatles song for every occasion. Listen to them more often.
  • Hold doors open for people.
  • If someone holds the door for you, freaking acknowledge that and say Thank You.
  • Say Thank You.
  • Delay gratification more often.
  • Stop one-upping people. Nobody likes a one-upper.
  • Treat servers, bartenders, and customer service people with respect. They're there to serve you, but they're not your servant.
  • Don't sleep with someone just because you don't dislike them.
  • When given the option, LAUGH.
  • Also, know that it's okay to cry.
  • Just have emotions in general. Even the cylons have emotions.
  • When in doubt, watch Doctor Who.
  • Write someone a freaking letter. It's so exciting to receive that stuff in the mail.
  • Write a really nice letter to a complete stranger. Seriously, just pick a name out of the phone book and send it to them.
  • Write letters to artists who you appreciate. This includes authors, musicians, actors, directors, cameramen, costume designers... anyone. Just tell them you thought their stuff was cool. We bloggers forget that not every media has a "comment" box somewhere.
  • Stop just judging people with tattoos. Keep judging people with dumb tattoos, though. If we don't let the world know how stupid a Twilight tattoo is, then they'll just keep showing up.
  • Travel. For the love of God, please travel.
  • If you want to wear a poodle skirt, do it. I do.
  • Be you. Be wonderful. Be awesome.

What do you have to add? I'm sure there is so much more.


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