This is Why I Don't Go Fishing

Last night John Hamm and I started watching The Perfect Storm when there was nothing else on TV. I had never seen this movie, but I've heard that it's amazing, plus the first thing I saw was George Clooney, so I was down. Proof that I will have sex with George Clooney no matter what he's wearing. Turtleneck & Beanie. Officially Sexy. I bet he doesn't even smell like fish. He just smells like essence of Clooney

This movie was pretty great, though (if you're into really depressing movies). There's this mega storm and stuff and these guys are determined to get fish - who wouldn't watch that? (Answer: People who don't want to watch depressing movies.)

However, it did make me realize just how much of a wimp I am.

There is one scene when John C Reilly (this is before he got into comedy, obviously) gets pulled overboard because his hand gets caught by a fish hook. The fish hook literally GOES THROUGH HIS FREAKING HAND. Like he's standing there all "La-de-da-de-da, it's stormy and my hand is just resting on this table..." and then the fishing line that is also on the table gets caught by something, which pulls it in such a way that the HUGE hook goes ALL THE WAY THROUGH HIS HAND! And then he gets yanked into the ocean! What the heck, Ocean? Why you gotta do that to John C Reilly?

Some other crew members jump into the stormy water to try and save him, which is totally noble, but I deemed it useless. My immediate reaction was this:

Me: Why would you jump in after him? He's obviously going to die. It's super stormy, so you'll probably drown, plus he has a hook through his hand!! I mean, it is not even worth living through that pain. My hand hurts just thinking about it! He'll most likely have to amputate it, plus he's drowning, plus OWWW! I mean, seriously - hook through hand: immediate death. Just saying. I know that it's not like a vital organ or anything and the injury itself wouldn't really kill you, but in my opinion, that is just too much to deal with. I would just let myself die at that point.

John Hamm: ::sigh::

Just so you know, John C Reilly totally survived and he got to keep his hand. All he needed was a bandage and a tetanus shot. I don't think I know how injuries and death work.

I officially need to start putting myself in more dangerous situations. I am clearly not badass enough.

Gio! Dragon! Grab your gear - we're going out! Make sure we have knives and other sharp stuff! It is time for danger!!