Brain Break

I’m back!

I mean, I wasn’t really gone gone, but I kind of went digitally MIA this past week because of some work I was doing on a fundraiser, and then I had a chronic pain flare up and it was all just a blur, really.

But hello! I’m here! Alive and well and awake! It feels good.

I sadly don’t have much to report because in my downtime I’ve not done much living… I’ve been working with dusty books, sleeping off the pain, and then in between I’ve been binge watching Stranger Things and UK’s Love Island (go on and judge me all you want, I love it.) like it’s nobody’s business.

And normally I would feel really guilty about that, but you know what? It’s been great!

Because sometimes you need stuff like that, right? You need to allow yourself to just veg out for a minute while your body and mind recovers from all the stuff that’s being thrown at it day in and day out and if watching a teenager fight paranormal goo or watching sixteen super fit people try and find love on live television for almost 50 hours straight is what’s going to help you through that, then freaking go for it.

And that’s all I really want to say this week. Today I returned to my journal and I’ll hopefully have a blog post of substance next week, but until then, here is an absolutely adorable video of Aloy dreaming: