And Then Kidz Bop Proved That They Had More Street Cred Than I Do.

Okay, so we all know that my street cred is like... off the shizzy. I mean, growing up in Suburbia as a white chick has certainly made me the dopest. And because of that, I know you guys visit this blog on the daily to get life advice on how to handle the dangers of your hood, or how to deal with the various crips and bloods on your block.


Okay, confession: I might not be that cool... as proven by the latest Kidz Bop release:


If you haven't heard the original song by Macklemore & Lewis, it's awesome and you should go listen to it/watch the video right now.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Kidz Bop, basically what they do is take hit songs, re-record them with little kids, and change all the lyrics to make them G-rated.

Apparently I've been saying inappropriate things that I didn't even know about, you guys, because the original lyrics are most certainly not "rock some tags". Nor do Macklemore & Lewis feel that things are simply "really awesome" (don't worry, that one I totally understand).

So, I found out through some further investigation last night that the original lyrics, "pop some tags," have some mixed meanings. When I first heard this song, I figured it was all "I'm gonna be going crazy, getting a ridiculous amount of clothes at the thrift shop because it's all super cheap and awesome" and since I am a thrift shopper myself, I also assumed that this was a reference to the fact that most thrift shops have color coded tags that are half-priced on certain days. Basically, I figured the phrase was literally referring to the tags at the thrift shop.

Kidz Bop obviously does not agree.


Picture 2

Apparently, "popping tags" is also a phrase used on the streets to describe killing a crap-ton of people.

What the actual frack?

I mean, I suppose this makes total sense when you think about the whole "tag on your toe" reference, but seriously? Kidz Bop, I don't think that was the actual reference in this situation. I mean, I get that it's a play on words, but I'm pretty sure Macklemore & Lewis were being all "I'm getting a ton of clothes for just twenty dollars" and not "I'm gonna kill you at the thrift store." Context clues, Kidz Bop. Context clues.

Nevertheless, I respect you for taking the safe route on this one, Kidz Bop. I mean, if I were a parent who felt the need to buy my children family friendly renditions of the modern hits, I would hate for them to hear the words "popping tags" in a song about shopping only to find out that my children were now serial killers instead of money-saving shoppers with super-awesome trends.

Also, as John Hamm pointed out last night when I was discussing this song with her and my good friend, Jackie Chan, these are some seriously opposing definitions.

I mean, let's look at it this way: If you heard that a woman just popped some tags at the mall, your mind could now go one of two ways... Either she just had a major shopping spree (Yaaaay!!!) or there was a mass murder and your friend is now on the lamb (Oh nooooo....).

So now I feel like I'm even more confused.... and I'm definitely going to have to be more careful when talking about my shopping habits...