The Guy Was Probably Just Impressed with/Jealous of My Old Lady Impression.

Good morning, Duckies!! So yesterday at work, I had a very strange series of conversations...

Phone rings

Me: Thank you for calling The Book Shop! This is Emelie.

Older Woman: Yes, Hi! Is Michael there?

Me: Oh, I'm sorry. He doesn't work here anymore.

OW: I'm sorry?

Me: He no longer works here. He quit about a year ago.

OW: But... he just called me this morning to tell me that my book is in...

Me: He did?

OW: Yes! And I thought it was odd because I picked that book up weeks ago...

Me: Was it a voicemail?

OW: No.

Me: You actually spoke to him?

OW: Yes! We spoke this morning!

Me: Hm... well this is a mystery.

So, I took down her information and confirmed that she did, in fact, pick up the book in question a few weeks ago. I told her that I'd call her back if I found anything out, but otherwise, to just pretend like this whole thing never happened, which she was more than happy to do.

Me: Was Michael here this morning?

My Boss: No...

Me: You're sure?

Boss: Yes...

Me: He didn't come in to pick up a book and then... just started working? He does that, you know.

Boss: Yeah, he does do that... but I never saw him this morning.

Me: This is so weird! It's like that ghost story where the guy meets a girl and they go out on a lovely date, and then after he drives her home, he realizes that she left her sweater in his car. Being the gentleman that he is he drives back to go return the sweater, right?

My boss was staring at me with... perplexity at this moment.

Me: But then, when he gets to her house, he knocks on the door and this old lady answers. The guy is all "Hi! Is Betsy here?" and the old lady goes - and this is when I did my best old lady voice - "Betsy's been dead for ten years!" ...DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!

At this point, my boss was cracking up and staring... past me... so then I turned around and realized that there was an elderly man standing right behind me. He had been looking through our bestsellers, but he was very clearly having a hard time keeping it together after listening to the crazy bookseller imitate old ladies in ghost stories...

So... I politely asked if I could help him find anything, which he politely refused. So I ran away to another part of the store.

Fortunately, I made my boss's day with all of that, so points for me, right? Yay!


In other news... 

I've auditioned for Blogger Idol! I know. This is so exciting! Hopefully I'll make it into the final 12 and then you'll all totally vote for me, right?



Okay, good. :)

Anyway, this morning is not only awesome because of the audition, but it's also awesome because I woke up to a tweet informing me that I'm on "Where Bloggers Blog!"  You should totally go check out this blog if you haven't already. I often go to it when I'm daydreaming about having a real desk in a real writing studio instead of this:


It's probably one of the coolest tumblrs I've seen in a really long time.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, Duckies!! See you on Monday!

Help Me, Duckies. You're My Only Hope.

Okay, so Lisa Newlin has convinced me given me permission to audition for Blogger Idol. So now I need your help. Which post should I audition with? I've narrowed it down to these four:

Why Bachelorette Parties Should Never Happen On Mother's Day and Why My Friends are Amazing. 

And Then My Mom Gave Me "Medical" Advice.

Yes. All of This Did Actually Happen.

And My Mother Makes Her Debut... with Assless Chaps. 

Which is your favorite?? Please help!!

Thanks, duckies!

It's Time for a Giveaway! Yay!! Part II - The Voting.

Alright, "Readers"! If you didn't read yesterday (for shame, first of all), I'm doing a giveaway based on the idea of calling you guys something other than "readers" - the fun part is that you get to choose the name! Based on the comments from yesterday's post, here are my three favorites:

[polldaddy poll=7033162]

Who will win the adorable Facebook journal that Jane created?? It's up to you... :)


And Then I Made You All Vote

Okay, so today isn't really a real post because I overslept and now I barely have any time at all to even think about what I'm writing, let alone actually take the time to write it all out. Face it, people, this chick needs to shower before she can be seen in public, and she is about to be seen in less than one hour. I'm going to stop talking in third person now.

So, instead of me trying to figure out what to write today, I'm relying on you all to tell me what you want to hear! Yay for audience participation!!!

[polldaddy poll=7001132]

Guys. Guys. Guys... I Need Your Help.

Okay, folks. I got an iPhone 4. Yes, I know I'm behind the times, but I'm also poor, so stop judging me.

The questions is this....

What case do I get? Dragon had bought me all those heavy duty you-can-spike-this-phone-like-a-football-without-hurting-it cases after I shattered the screen on my first iPhone, but those cases only fit the iPhone 3. So....

This is where you come in!

If I promise to be more careful, then I think I can handle something cute. Obviously, my mind went straight to this:


Answer: The Internet. Duh.

So then when I got to the Internet, I was all "HOLY CRAP THERE ARE SO MANY!!!" And that's when I decided to make you guys make the decision for me. Suckas!

So now you get to vote on which iPhone case I'm going to get. Don't worry, I've narrowed it down to just 3.

Choose wisely.... I'm depending on you people to keep me adorably nerdy. I'll tally up the votes on Monday!

Option 1


Option 3

Help me out here, people. You know you want to.

Feel free to send me other ones that you think are better, too!

And hey, what the heck should I read next? Tell me on the Book Reviews page!

Happy Saturday!