And This is Why You Shouldn't Have a "Family Chiropractor"

A conversation I had with my chiropractor this week: Him: Hey, so how are you feeling? Back is okay? Neck is okay?

Me: Yeah, it's all doing okay, except I got one of my migraines a few days ago, but it was the first day that it had rained in a while, so I think it was from the pressure drop.

Him: Yeah, that makes sense. Did it go away on its own?

Me: Sure... I mean, I took a couple Advil and then drank a bunch of --

Him: --vodka?

Me: What? No! Water and coffee... and that helped.

Him: That doesn't sound like you... I'm kidding!

Me: Eh, you know me too well.

And then we laughed in a freeze-frame moment while the credits rolled.

I'm kidding, but we did laugh, because he was totally just joking around with me. Kind of.

Either way, I'm choosing to be proud of the fact that I surprised him with my healthy choices, instead of concerned by the fact that he's surprised by them.

Because I'm an optimist.