I cannot attend a march, but I can make hats.

I'm unable to attend one of the marches on Saturday, which breaks my heart, but I found out about The Pussyhat Project a few weeks back and I've been crocheting like mad ever since, because while I cannot attend a march, I can crochet. The idea is simple: Make a pink hat for people to wear while marching in support of women's rights. Give these hats to someone who will be at the march and that person will distribute them. Hopefully this will create a sea of pink hats, which will look amazing. Also, they have cat ears, which is just a delightful feature that I am obsessed with. If you are attending a march and if you have the skills, there are patterns on the Pussyhat Project website that you can find and use at your leisure, and I highly encourage you to do so. To all of you marching that day, know that I am with you in spirit. I wish I could be there for real, but I can't. So fight the good fight and stand up for what you believe in and what we all deserve. Keep spreading the love and don't let violence sway you. Remember: the best fights have been won through non-violence. We're all angry, but let's redirect that anger towards love and support of one another. When we lift each other up, we win. When we love each other, we win. Because love wins.

So, my sisters, let's do this. Let's get out there and make ourselves impossible to be ignored. I'll be doing my part from a bookshop in a tiny town that day, but I'm hoping that the hats that have been made by myself and many others will be on your heads, and I hope that those heads will be held high.

Be safe, my loves, be warm, be strong, be peaceful, and rock on.