The Sad Thing Is That This Was Sober Cooking.

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Moving on.

So, Gumby came home for a few days last night. It was fantastic to see him. We ate tacos, drank beer, and then he came over to bake cookies. At 11:00 at night. Why? Well, I'd like to say that it's because we're awesome and that's just how we roll, but that's only half true. It's also because Gumby works at night, so he doesn't really go to bed or get tired until like 5AM. This is not the case with me, but that's because I'm the awesome one in this friendship that just doesn't care about sleep.

Okay, I've already lied to you all. We did not bake cookies. Gumby is going to hate me for making such a public announcement about this, but I need to share it with you all:

We failed at making cookies. Hardcore.

"What went wrong?" you ask? Well... I think it started going downhill when Gumby decided that he wanted to attempt to make cookies out of lemon cake batter. Yeah, I think that's when the baking failure really started to happen.

However, we did discover that you can use cake batter to make:

  1. Silver dollar lemon pancakes in your oven.
  2. Regular sized lemon pancakes in a pan.
  3. Giant Lemon Swedish Pancakes (also in a pan).
  4. One massive lemony blob of a cake-like consistency on a cookie sheet in the oven.



Gumby may or may not have been incredibly embarrassed. I mean, you remember his whiskey cake, right? The guy loves his kitchen creations. He may or may not have uttered something last night about how Julia Child would be so disappointed in us...

Me? I figure we're frickin' pioneers in the lemon pancake world. Admit it, you're so trying this later.

You're welcome.