Was I Hallucinating or Were Asians Really Just Taking Pictures With Me?

I had the most awkward experience last night. Fiona and I had a really long day at work yesterday, topped off with an adorable Polar Express Pajama Party with 14 little kids under the age of 5.

Now, you may recall that the previous night I had gone to see The Hobbit at midnight, so I was running on four hours of sleep at this point and a lot of coffee. There is a slight chance I might have been hallucinating due to all the caffeine.

When Fiona and I locked up the store at 8:30, we turned around and found an older Asian lady and her daughter.

Asian Mother: You're closed?

Me: Yeah, sorry. We'll be open again at 8 in the morning.

Asian Mother: Oh, okay.

Fiona: Good night!

At this point, I turned to check that the door was locked and Fiona walked to her car. I turned back around and the Asian lady and her daughter were still standing there. Fiona was halfway across the street. The woman had left me there alone. The daughter held up her camera and the Asian woman smiled and stood about four feet away from me, but I was obviously in this picture.

I stopped.

I stared.

Me: Am I supposed to be in this picture?

Asian Mother: Yeah.

Me: I am?

Asian Mother: Yeah!

Me: Oh...

Asian Mother: Thank you! Good night!

Me: Night...

I'm still processing this.