We Can Do This.

I feel ridiculously behind lately - basically ever since I hurt my back. While my back is feeling better, my brain seems to still be in "I can't do anything mode," so this entire week has just been about catching up with my goals.

I have a lot of goals.

I'm editing my novel, writing this blog twice a week, crocheting like crazy, trying to be a better housekeeper, and living a healthy lifestyle.

But they're all good goals! I like them! 

It's just all about the balance. 

And it's amazing how a few days of being in bed with back pain can really throw you off and screw with you. And then I start to feel guilty, because writing and crocheting don't require me to be up and walking around, so I should have taken advantage of the time that I was stuck in bed, but then the other voices in my head are all "yeah, but you still had to work in the bookshop for 8 hours every day and holding up your body is exhausting, so you should just be nice to you." 

And I know that the latter voices are correct. And my back is feeling better now, so hopefully, my brain will catch up soon. 

I know this isn't really sounding like an actual blog post, but it's as much as I can muster right now while I prepare for everything else going on. (Things like the reading I'm doing this weekend with my writing group!)

I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this right now, so if you are also feeling like you're struggling to tread water, leave a comment down below and let's just give each other all the virtual hugs, okay?

Because we can do this.