Welcome to Procrastination Station

Some days it’s really hard for me to sit down and do the thing I’m supposed to be doing — even if that thing is a thing I enjoy doing. Writing a blog post, for example, is really all I am supposed to be doing today. Sure there are other things that could be done, but blogging is really the only thing that has to be done according to my own self-imposed blogging schedule of posting every Monday.

Then again… the garden also needs tending to, and today is the first nice day in a while... Brussel sprouts and cauliflower can’t transplant themselves, after all, and sure, I could have said, “Great. Write blog post, then go out and garden,” but then the sun came out and I figured that there’s no better time to go outside than when to sun in shining. After all, who knows how long this will last?

In fact, I thought, I should take full advantage of this weather and throw some laundry in so that I can hang it outside to dry! So… first, sort and wash laundry, then garden, then blog post. Got it.

Oh, but then the guy who mows the lawn showed up. “Perfect,” You’re probably thinking, “just the sign she needed to get herself back on track!”

And you would have been right, because I certainly can’t be out in the garden with the dogs or hanging laundry while the lawn is being mowed, so logically, blogging was now moved to the top of the list, right?

Ah, but then I remembered that we still needed to book our flights to Ireland for a wedding in September… oh! and then to Montana for another wedding later that month!

So new plan: Book flights while the lawn is being mowed, hang laundry, tend to garden, then blog! Flawless plan.

So I spent some time doing flight research and after about 30-45 minutes, our flights were booked. Whew! Finally something to check off the list!

Time to hang laundry and garden. Shouldn’t take too long since I only need to transplant 8 seedlings. Oh, but then there’s weeds to pull… and I should probably rake up some of the grass clippings for the compost pile…

After about an hour, time to head back inside and… blog? What? No! Don’t you remember? I JUST BOOKED MY FLIGHTS TO FREAKING IRELAND. The only logical thing to do is start researching AirBnbs and sights to see! Duh!

Oh, and pick out dresses to wear for the weddings… and if I’m going to wear a dress, I’ll probably also need shoes… And maybe a hat or a fascinator? Those are coming back, right? Side note, how big is too big when it comes to hats and fascinators?

Hey, I wonder what my friend Lane is up to… maybe we can go paddle boarding today since it’s so nice out… No, Emelie, no. You must blog!

Oh, but shoot. I forgot to check and see how the peas were doing out in the garden when I was out there… and also I heard the mail truck stop by, so I should probably go get the mail… right after I go check on the peas…

Wait, what’s this? A super cheap foreclosed house not too far from here? Should we go look at it? Sure we’re not really house hunting right now, but it’s always good to keep an eye out… you know, just in case….

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