Welcome to the New Site!!

So, yes. As you know, Blogger and I had a fight last week. Long story short - we're officially broken up. In other words - WELCOME TO THE NEW SITE!!!

Oh man, you guys, there is so much cool stuff on this site. One of my oldest friends, Jackie Chan, finally convinced me to let her do the web design for my blog, and I must say that I am more than pleased. I hope you all agree.

New stuff that's worth checking out:

1.I'll advertise your blog for free now in exchange for you advertising mine! That way we help each other out and everyone

2. I have a new tagline. My friends John Hamm and Anderson Cooper competed to come up with that baby (blog post of that contest is soon to come!)

Most importantly... 3. I OPENED UP A FREAKING STORE! That's right. Now you can my mustached face on a coffee mug, a button, or whatever the heck you want. Obviously, there isn't a ton in there right now, and I need to ask Greg before I can start using the diary entries to sell stuff, but still. Who doesn't want to own my face? I've had like.. a zillion requests.

Anyway, those are the three main changes, other than the site itself. Take a look around and soak in the newness of it all. Sometimes I just like to have it open on my computer while I'm walking around the house, just to let it get acquainted with everything. Maybe you should try the same!

Thanks for everything, readers! Let's keep this journey going!!