Werewolves and Redwoods and Elipses, Oh My!! Aka This Month's Book Review of Anne Rice's "The Wolf Gift"

Hello readers!! So, yes, as some of you may recall, on the first of every month, I post a book review of the book that you all picked for me to read! Okay, well not all of you. Really, it's most likely just one of you, but you all get to enter your suggestions... You know what? If you're unfamiliar, just go to the Book Reviews page. It's all explained there.

Anyway, so this month I was destined to read

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

So let's get right to the review.

If you're unfamiliar with the basic plot of the story, it's this:

A young reporter on assignment from the San Fransisco Observer... An older woman welcoming him into her magnificent family home that he has been sent to write about and that she must sell with some urgency... A chance encounter between to unlikely people... An idyllic night - shattered by horrific unimaginable violence, the young man inexplicably attacked - bitten - by a beast he cannot see in the rural darkness... A violent episode that sets in motion a terrifying yet seductive transformation, as the young man, caught between ecstasy and horror, between embracing who he is evolving into and fearing what he will become, soon experiences the thrill of the wolf gift. (From the inside flap of the book)


To be honest, this was my first Anne Rice novel, and all in all, I really enjoyed it. While the chapters were a little slow at first, they picked up. The sexual tension was also palpable at times, but I was prepared for such things. Although, I cannot deny that Gio and I shared some awkward looks...

After the young reporter, Reuben, gets bitten and turns into a werewolf (oh, if that wasn't clear when she used the term "the wolf gift", that is what Anne Rice means), he spends a lot of the book trying to still be a good guy, while constantly running from the authorities who want to capture him and research the hell out of him.

Anne Rice did a good job with this one, I must say. While I did giggle at some parts (It's just hard for me to find a werewolf sexy, I'm sorry Taylor Lautner), I would also catch myself intently absorbed in the novel during others. I certainly wouldn't tell people to run away screaming if they picked this one up. You just have to be ready for Anne Rice is all.

Alright, on to the next selection!! Here is the video of me picking what to read next, but if you don't want to watch that, just go ahead and scroll down.

The Submissions This Month were...

The Disappearing Spoon & Other True Tales of Madness, Love, and the History of the World from the Periodic Table by Sam Kean

The Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Stories by Karen Russel

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James (Submitted 3 times)

My Favorite Fangs: The Story of the Von Trapp Family Vampires by Alan Goldsher

Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

And the winner is.........

Review will be Posted April 1, 2013 (No Joke!!)

Don't forget to keep making suggestions all month for what I'll read in April!