WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN? And more evidence of my aging.

So I have this text chain going with some old roommates of mine. We lived together when we were studying in England and now we're all spread out all over the States, so this is how we randomly connect and feel like we're still sort of hanging out in our tiny kitchen with weird green chairs. Anyway, I think it's definite that we're not in college anymore and that we're all growing up because this conversation just recently occurred.

Fair warning: I've changed their names for their own privacy because no person should have to publicly admit that they're friends with me.

Me: Also, does anyone understand this song about not being able to feel your face, but still loving someone? I'm super confused and I can't get it out of my head.

Jessica: No!!! That song has ridiculous lyrics. We, along with my mom are all like whaaaaa?

Me: THANK YOU. Did the person drug the singer, making his face numb? So like "Hey, you totally drugged me and now I can't feel my face, but I still love you, so nbd." Because that's unhealthy. In many ways.

Jessica: You're not alone in not understanding... Those guys are making millions too.

Me: Well maybe they can use that money to seek treatment for their face-numbness.

Holly: Ignorant here. Who are these numbed face people?

Jessica: The Weeknd and they spell it like that too.

Holly: Because of course they do.

Me: I hate everything about them now.

Jessica: Not a typo.

So I think it's official: I'm a cranky old broad now, but I mean, really... what does this song even mean? Can someone explain it to me? Does this band even know?