When Kale Attacks

The Mr and I decided to start a vegetable garden this year, and it's going... well... it's going. 


So... on the one hand, things definitely grew, which I do believe is one of the major goals of gardening, right? So from that point of view, I HAVE DONE AN AMAZING JOB AND I WIN AT GARDENING. 


On the other hand... I can't really find anything in there. Except for Kale. The Kale has made itself very well known, which I find to be kind of rude. Kale needs very little advertising these days, but there it is being all HEY LOOK AT ME I'M KALE AND I AM SOOOOO POPULAR! 

Meanwhile, I believe we planted carrots and I have absolutely NO IDEA where those wallflowers are hiding. 

Some of you are probably wondering why we didn't actually harvest our vegetables, and I promise we do have a good reason. 

We went on vacation for two weeks, and APPARENTLY in those two weeks, we had the most ideal weather for growing plants. So by the time we got back, there was a bounty of food to be had! And then... it rained. And rained. And rained. And rained. And rained. And the plants grew. And grew. And grew. 

And at a certain point The Mr and I just looked at the garden and said "eff it. We only eat Kale now." 

Except... we don't eat the Kale, because in what felt like 24 hours, a crap-ton of other creatures also decided that they eat Kale, and now all that is left is what I can only refer to as the skeletal remains of Kale. 

So... today I'm grabbing a large knife and diving in to see what I can find. 

Pray for me. It's very possible there is a miniature panther lurking about in there, just waiting to attack. 

In other fun news and further reasons why we haven't been harvesting our vegetables, The Mr and I have started a thing! We launched a new blog, The Travel Pack: A Life of Adventure Lived with Dogs, where we chronicle our tales of traveling around with our two huskies. Our first post is up now, go check it out, and we'd love it if you'd give us a follow, like, and share!

The Travel Pack Logo.png

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